Family Owned & Operated

The LIVE Brand Story

Founded as a small, family owned & operated business, the LIVE Brand (i.e. "live" your life)  hails from the town of Camden, Alabama (population 1,875) in Wilcox County.   In one of the most rural and economically depressed areas in the entire US, the LIVE Brand seeks to prove that the American Dream is real even in the most challenging of business environments. 

The concept began after founder Chip Whitaker underwent major open heart surgery in August of 2018 to remove an infection from his heart that almost took his life.  "It turns out I had a congenital heart problem that I never knew I had that ultimately led to an infection which progressed a lot before anybody knew what was wrong.  It was a scary situation that felt like I had been slow played in a hand of poker,” Whitaker recalls.  Only this wasn't a friendly poker game!  "It was my life that was at stake!"

Thankfully the infection was caught just in time by his doctors and an emergency open heart and valve procedure along with the grace of the good Lord spared his life.  Out of this, Chip learned and took with him many invaluable lessons that he feels he may never have learned or understood until later in life, if ever. 

"You only live once" says Whitaker, so "get to living" is the essence of the LIVE Brand message.  "Whatever you do in life, and wherever you are, live in the moment, and live it to the fullest!" 

"Ultimately my family and I hope that LIVE Brand products serve as a reminder of this message for people across the country both now and for a long time to come,” says Whitaker. 

As a family business owner, we greatly appreciate your support of our family and our message!